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Journalist, Author

Cem Seymen worked in the tourism sector for a short time after his education in Tourism Management at Bilkent University. Then he got training on "Political Economy" and "Television Broadcasting" in New York where he went to study business journalism. Cem Seymen, who participated in professional seminars of ABC, CBC and NBC televisions, worked at the New York Consulate General for six years during his student years. After returning to Turkey, firstly, he started working as an economics correspondent for BRT television. Cem Seymen, who attracted the attention of the audience with the program "Hayatın Renkleri (Colours of Life)", which he put on this channel, accelerated his progress in the field of television and finally built a career path that has extended to CNN Türk Economy Service. Cem Seymen's first book, "The Color of Freedom is Blue", has been published by Destek Publishing.