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Bilgisayar Öğretmeni / Apple Profesyonel Öğrenim Uzmanı

She graduated from Yıldız Technical University Computer and Educational Technologies Department in 2006 and received her master's degree in "Communication and Design". In 2007, she was the author of the textbooks "Computer Literacy 6-7-8" and "Computer Literacy Teacher Guide Book". In addition, she has attended many trainings in domestic, international and online environments, participated in national and international projects, and given trainings in many conferences. Since 2013, she has been providing trainings as "Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS)" and "Google Education Trainer" within the framework of teaching designs, integration of technology into education, different approaches in education, 1: 1 and the scope of BYOD applications. She continues to share her training videos prepared in the field of educational technologies through social media accounts. Since 2010, she has been working as a Computer teacher at Hisar Schools. She also works as a volunteer in various charities.