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Generel Manager

Graduated from Yıldız Technical University at 1999, receiving a bachelor of mechanical engineering. Ilker ULUDAG has started his career in TEKYAZ, leading CAD/CAM company in Turkey, as a Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS 3D cad software. He first started to make SOLIDWORKS, World’s first Windows integrated 3D CAD modelling software, popular 3d modeling tool in all leading Universities and high schools of Turkey. Turkish training books, videos and the Official Turkish version of the software have been created during this period. He worked closely with the market to switch the mechanical design industry from 2D design to 3D parametric modeling with the help of SOLIDWORKS software. Today he is the General Manager of TEKYAZ that sell, support and consult more than 5000 customers with 75 employees and 7 offices located in 7 different industrial cities in Turkey.