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Lecturer, Speaker

My development journey, which started from Hacettepe University FEAS, continued with the specialty training I received abroad. I have completed the UK South Essex Collage (business and management courses) and The Coaching Academy (corporate coaching) and Oxford University (Leadership development and management) programs. I graduated from the Adler coaching school in Turkey. I attended trainings on transactional analysis in both Turkey and the UK. Throughout my corporate life, I have worked in human resources, quality, corporate social compliance, sales and customer relations. I have been pursuing my triangle of work life, which takes part in Istanbul, Birmingham and Perth, under the umbrella of ENMAC in Turkey, HMIENGLAND in England and Equal firms in Australia, providing local and foreign institutions from different sectors with trainings and consultancy since 2006. I have been providing all kinds of administrators including board members with consulting, coaching and mentoring in Turkey and in the UK. I took part in the COOP courses at Bahçeşehir University as an visiting mentor for four years within the credit courses. I design my trainings and speeches using the power of humor. I see the contribution of humor to learning from the feedback I receive for my short videos. In my trainings and seminars, I use the "storytelling" method, which I believe in a lot. My motto is "Bene diagnoscitur, bene curatur", which is Latin. The meaning of the sentence is “An accurate diagnosis brings a accurate treatment” and it clearly describes my view of work and my way of doing business. Although the problems and expectations seem similar, I believe that there are important differences in details and that defining these differences correctly facilitates the solution. With this belief, I care about providing content and solutions suitable for the person, the process and the institution in all the works I do. My promise to myself as a person who has adopted the purpose of life to leave goodness and beauty with knowledge everywhere my hand reaches is that “Do not ever end your student and teaching life throughout your life.”