Our Speakers


Distance Education Application and Research Center Manager

Mona Aykul, works at the Turkish German University as director of the Application and Research Centre for E-Learning and as language lecturer. She is currently responsible for the distance learning system at Turkish German University and manages the university's online learning system. She has a Bachelor's degree in Teacher Education from Hacettepe University and Master's degree in School Management and Observation from Yildiz Technology University. She has completed another master's degree in Educational Technology at Bahcesehir University. She is continuing her doctoral research in Germany. She has gained experience as a German teacher at various public schools and in these positions she has been very active in the field of learning technologies and has worked for EU projects. Based on her experience in the education sector, she focuses on the development of learning content using student-centred and digital methods and designs to develop thefoundations for lifelong learning, new learning designs. She shares these experiences as a trainer with teachers in Europe and Turkey through workshops and seminars. She works as a scientific researcher in Turkey and Germany, to establish a sustainable learning model for active learning in foreign language teaching develop. In the context of her e-education master thesis she has developed her own learning design with the Flipped PBL – Approach and she holds the certifications Flipped Learning 3.0 Certified Level II & High Education Level I of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. She defines herself as a lifelong learner and shares her experiences and ideas with other teachers at national and international conferences. Experiencing the experiences and ideas of digitalization in the education system from two different cultures is a point that gives her especially many new ideas and inspirations and therefore she is very happy to commute between both countries. Her main topics in her presentations are: "Digital Project Based Learning", "Digital Transformation in Education", "Instructional Design", "Gamification in Education".