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Private American Robert High School Turkish Manager

Nilhan Çetinyamaç (Çubuk) works as the Turkish Director of the Private American Robert High School. She has completed the last twenty-three years of her thirty-three years of professional experience in education as an education leader. After teaching English for ten years, she started to work as the founding principal in 1997 İzmir SEV Primary School and continued her administrative duty for eighteen years. In this process, she led the implementation of many training programs and projects in order to enrich learning and make it meaningful. She joined the Robert College family in 2015 and still continues her studies there. In addition to school tasks, she takes part in different commissions at Turkey Private Schools Association. Çetinyamaç graduated from İzmir American Girls' College and completed her undergraduate education in the Department of English Language and Literature at Ege University. She attended many training and certification programs in Turkey and abroad. She was awarded the International Manager Certificate by completing the trainings given by PTC (Principal Training Center). She led the CIS (International Schools Association) accreditation process. At Robert College, she is involved in NYSAIS accreditation studies. She loves reading books and traveling to explore different places and cultures. Çetinyamaç, who has two sons, enjoys spending time with her family and friends.