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Enocta CEO

He completed his undergraduate education at METU Industrial Engineering in 1994. He did his master's degree in distance education at Anadolu University. After working in banking sector for a while, he started entrepreneurship in the field of technology. Since the early 2000s, he has been following the developments in technology and digital world closely, dealing with new technologies and solutions for companies and their employees to adapt to continuous changes in business life. By specializing in institutional distance learning, adult learning environments and digital learning models, he has taken place in the team that has established the first distance learning systems, designed digital learning content and developed innovative learning experience in Turkey's leading institutions. He worked on the digitalization of education in schools and universities, and enrichment of education by teachers and trainers with digital tools and innovative methods. Since 2014, he has been serving as the CEO of Enocta, the first and pioneering company in its field, of which he is among the founding partners. He is also among the partners of Advancity, which provides distance education products and services to universities, and Rootie, which operates in the field of mobile learning technologies, and is a board member. He is one of the founders of TEGEP, which works to develop adult learning in the field of corporate learning and development. He is a member of TEGEP, TÜBİSAD, PERYÖN and KALDER.