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Vice-Dean of Faculty of Educational Sciences

Dr. Samur who is the head of the CEIT department at Bahçeşehir University, also works as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in the department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (@bauceit). He studied at Virginia Tech University with a Fulbright Scholarship and received his doctor title in Learning Sciences and Technologies – Curriculum and Instruction. He is also the coordinator of Educational Technology (TR/EN, Thesis/Project) master’s programme (@bauegitek) at Bahçeşehir University. His research interests are on using educational games for learning and instruction (@oyuntasarimi), gamification in education, educational game design, digital game design, game addiction and (digital) game based learning. He also designs digital educational games for learners and he is the co-owner of a company producing digital educational games titled as Ugur Games (www.ugurgames.com). He teaches courses such as “Educational Technology”, “Instructional Design” (@OgretimTasarimi), “Multimedia Design and Production in Education”, “(Digital) Game-based Learning”, “Gamification in Education”, “Child and Media” (@childandmedia), “Information and Communication Technologies in Education” at undergraduate, master and doctoral level. Dr. Samur also leads in government and company funded educational game projects, educational digital content and software/game design and development projects. He loves to give lectures, seminars and workshops to students, teachers and parents on aforementioned topics. www.yavuzsamur.com www.twitter.com/yavuzsamur