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GelecektekiSen Founder, İşin Geleceği Strategist

İnci Abay Cansabuncu stepped into the digital world in 2009 after 10 years of media experience as director of a media company with running the first digital content hub for producing tablet magazines. In addition to content hunting, she worked as a team leader in establishing and restructuring digital services, establishing digital communities of companies in many sectors from telecommunications, automotive, education to finance. Abay Cansabuncu, as the founder of GelecektekiSen,works on the future of work strategy and competence formations; guides generations in the preparation of future jobs and support corporates and organizations in the meaning and planning of the talent transformation of different generations. In another professional line, İnci Abay Cansabuncu gives lectures on "Network Effect in the Digital World", "Communication and Collaboration Culture in the Digital World" at the academy; mentors entrepreneurs in technoparks and provides management consultancy to senior executives of institutions in preparation for the future of work. Inci Abay Cansabuncu also has two TV programs, ‘Dönüşen Dünya’ in Bloombergh HT and ‘Geleceğin İzinde’ in internet media.