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Psychologist, Founder of Baltaş Group

Prof. Dr. Acar Baltas, to a wide audience in Turkey, indicating that psychology is a solution to the problems of human needs and business life was one of the pioneers. Professor of stress and body language. Dr. Zuhal has introduced Baltaş'l with Turkey. The book "Üstün Başarı" published in 1989 was the first study to bridge the neuroscientific foundations of learning and the needs of students. Acar Baltaş, who completed his secondary education at Istanbul High School and his higher education at the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Literature of Istanbul University, completed his doctorate in the Department of Neurology at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, received the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences in the field of clinical neuro-physiology. He became Associate Professor of Applied Psychology in 1986 and Professor in 1996. Between 1977-1997, he worked in Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Department. Baltaş, who has more than 100 scientific studies published in Turkey and abroad, has been giving seminars and applications by combining his knowledge in communication and medical psychology with the needs of business life since 1983. In these seminars and practices, he focused on the relationship of leadership with culture and gender (management in Turkish culture and women's leadership), the impact of emotions on decisions, and mentality change. Acar Baltaş has sold 600,000 in total as the author of Stres ve Başaçıkma Yolları, Bedenin Dili, Ekip Çalışması ve Liderlik, Üstün Başarı, Hayalini Yorganına Göre Uzat, İnsana ve İşe Değer Katan Yeni İK, Türk Kültüründe Yönetmek, Akılsız Duyguların Cezasını Kararlar Çeker ve Baltaş Grubu Yönetim handbook. Baltaş has been the preparation of the international successes of many organizations in the transformation programs and teamwork emerging from the value system of Turkish culture. He worked as the psychological counselor of the Turkish National A Football Team and Galatasaray Football Team, and continued this duty with the Turkish A National Football Team. Turkey Football Federation for the coach-house, "character development in young athletes" and "performance psychological counseling" program. In addition, he gave personality and leadership training to staff officer candidates and generals who were promoted at every rank at the War Academies between 2009-2016. Acar Baltaş, Phd manages the Baltaş Group, which they founded with Zuhal Baltaş, which aims at organizational and employee effectiveness for observable mentality change in business life and measurable business results. Baltaş is married to Zuhal Baltaş and has two children.