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Education and Communication Specialist

She works as the dean of curriculum responsible for curriculum and assessment&evaluation and as a mathematics teacher at the American Robert College. After studying Physics at METU, Ece Karaboncuk studied Communication at Istanbul University. She completed her Master's Degree at Sakarya University Institute of Education, Curriculum Development and Teaching Program. As a continuation of her experience in the field of communication, she has been conducting programs on various channels under the title of “education”,which she has been devoted to for the last 15 years. Karaboncuk, prepared and presented training programs on TV8, CNN Türk and TV360. She is still on Women TV screens and meets young people both on social media and in schools, who are preparing for exams. She guides them on exams, career choices, lifelong learning and she answers their questions. Ece Karaboncuk shares her views on topics such as education around the world and in Turkey, success and meaning, raising kids, preschool education, technology, the world of teachers, exams and choices on the website titled "Education and Training" which she is the editor of. She teaches Sociology of Education, Critical and Analytical Thinking, Individualization and Adaptation of Teaching, Curriculum Development and Child and Communication as a Lecturer at Medipol and İstinye University.