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Founder of Neuro Health Brain Research Center

Dr. Kerem Dündar earned his medicine degree at GATA, specialized in Biophysics, and accomplished various academic and industrial work in the field of Neuroscience for many years. After his graduation, his profession history is in various health institutions as an academician, director, educator, and physician. During the time period he completed specialization with a Ph.D. in Biophysics in GATA, he did experimental and clinical research in Neurology and Behavioral Science through Electrophysiological and Stereotactic Surgery methods. He started his journey with brain research through giving one-to-one consulting service to over 20 thousand individuals. He used the experience and the knowledge he gained during his consulting years to reach large audience within the frame of brain-friendly companies through giving speech in the field of business, by organizing workshops, as well as consulting in cultural transforming. In addition to continuing neuroscientific academic studies at his company Nöro Sağlık Beyin Araştırmaları Uygulama Merkezi (Neuro-health Brain Research and Practice Center), he gives education, practices, and neuro-consulting at the companies he collaborates with regarding the following topics: - Using brain effectively - Neuro-leadership - Neuro-directing - Neuro-HR - Neuro-sales and marketing - Neuro-convincing - Brain based communication - Brain based education - Success and happiness in life - Resilience Dr. Kerem Dündar is the founder of the concept Beyin Dostu Şirketler (Brain-friendly Companies), the Nöro Sağlık Beyin Araştırmaları Uygulama Merkezi and as well as founder of social enterprises which known as Yaratıcı Ebeveyn (Creative Parenting) and Beyin Akademi (Brain Academy). Kerem Dündar organizes training workshops for parents and teachers in this area. Dr. Kerem Dündar has a team composed of clinical psychologists, doctors and academists that supports his research and work in this field.